OÉO is a brand-new project of Amuulai LLC with the aim to encourage creativity development of youth and retailing, wholesale and revitalize DIY fabric and crafts for Mongolian consumers.

We seek to open the first standardized center with emphasis on information, education and retail of DIY products in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

With the rise of textile and fabric demand in Mongolia, consumers have started to seek more alternative options and started to value quality. Our OÉO project is aiming to meet this rising demand by bringing in high quality DIY products and culture. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and centralization of DIY culture at our center, we will work closely and offer wide range of training for our employees. We are confident that our OÉO project can boost the DIY interest in Mongolia and our center to become a prime destination for inspiration, education and crafty shopping.