Mild Cosmetics has grown from one single retail store to become today’s national “beauty” chain and is now the leading cosmetics retail chain in Mongolia. Mild Cosmetics prospers on its successful and proven “one stop cosmetic specialty store” concept and its accessibility. Offering customers with wide range of Japanese quality products and best customer service in almost every corner of Ulaanbaatar city. It has over 38 retail stores and counters all over Mongolia selling more than 43 Japanese brands, covering approximately 1500 skincare, makeup and hair care, body care products.


40-120m2 sized store wholly owned by Amuulai LLC.


30-50m2 sized franchise stores, mostly located in remote provinces of Mongolia.


Small area (15-20m2) located in chain supermarket or wholesale trade cente





Mild Cosmetics has 25 branches in capital city of Ulaanbaatar and 15 branches in different provinces of Mongolia. Amuulai LLC will continue to strive its best to provide “Quality products, Best Value and Professional Service” for its customers to meet their increasing needs.

Wholesale Department

Additionally, Amuulai LLC has been continuously supplying Japanese high-quality consumer products to the all points of supermarkets as a wholesale distributor in Ulaanbaatar city since 2015. Currently, we are supplying approximately two thousand of consumer goods to 50 supermarkets which includes 8 of the largest players. Also, we distribute supplements to all the major pharmacies.

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