COSE cosmetics is a newly opened store of Amuulai LLC, it is Mongolia’s very first multi brand beauty retail store located in Hunnu Mall in retailing space of 500 m2. COSE cosmetics has introduced new cosmetics shopping experience to the Mongolian customers by gathering all the international brand that are distributed by different companies under one roof such can be only experienced at our new store. The name COSE stands for Cosmetics Obsessed Sales Expert. MILD cosmetics focuses more on Japanese cosmetics while the idea of COSE cosmetics is to concentrate health and beauty trends from all around the world in a single spot in order to lead Mongolia’s cosmetics market.

COSE cosmetics has 6 different categories covering







Our competitive advantages as follows

Professional skin check-up

Make up training

Ability to test and compare different products

Customer based promotions

Customer based promotions

Due to Mongolian nomadic culture, women were introduced to beauty world very recent years. Because of that consumption of cosmetics product per person is very low compared to other major market. Moreover, knowledge about skincare and makeup lacks among Mongolian consumer. For that reason, COSE cosmetics focuses to increase per person’s consumption by trust gaining service and educational marketing. With all our competitive advantages we ensure satisfied customer experience. Strategic plan for COSE cosmetics in next 5 year is to open 5 more branches in Ulaanbaatar and create online shopping platform.

Although global brands began to enter into Mongolian market after the declaration of democracy in 1990, the speed of brand influx did not follow the consumers desire to meet new brands. The Mongolian cosmetics industry did not see any new entry of trendy brands that are currently taking over the global market while customers are very exposed to the knowledge of global trends through the internet. Therefore, the main purpose of COSE cosmetics is to set a whole new shopping experience, by introducing the latest trends, fresh and young brands and the service that exceeds expectation and furthers the cosmetics industry boundaries.